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Superior performance. The Keysight Technologies, Inc. A multimeter gives you .. From Hewlett-Packard through Agilent to Keysight. For more than Agilent A /2 Digit Multimeter, Refurbished – at Test Equipment Depot. Superior Performance. The Agilent Technologies A multimeter gives you the perfor- mance you need for fast, accurate bench and system.

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Includes all Standard Accessories. Final test with 10VDC: LM is socketed, just like more recent xA instruments. This is one of best connections, and look really clean. Agilent A Refine Results. No function impact anyway.

Agilent A: Multimeters | eBay

All buttons, knobs, and switches are good and intact. HP a, what to worry about when buying used? This means all electrolytic capacitors must be replaced, no questions asked.

Agilent Keysight A Digital Multimeter 6. Replacement of bad tantalums with new ones 22uF 25VDC specification, D-size package fixed local voltage supplies.

Meter does power on, VFD screen lit up and keypad working normally. Agilent A Multimeter — Hewletr overview. After calibration, values are compared to Keithley meter to ensure they agree on readings. I did not have SOT packaged type, pacard used leaded ones instead.

Furthermore, we also buy, trade, repair, rent and broker. Hope we can see more stuff later this year!

Layout is tidy and nicely done for this instrument, thumbs up to HP engineers. HP A resistor network U and references test. Skip to main content. HP A local 15V zener regulator.


All information posted here is hosted just for education purposes and provided AS IS. Front panel board REV. Following recent trend with Hewlett-Packard equipment repair, welcome new article for more popular bench DMM repair worklog. If you like the article or have any questions, jump in comments! All this signals are measured by reference meter, to get actual value, and then transferred to A under calibration, by switching probes and entering measured value as reference point.

Credits to EEVB log member sonicyang which own this meter, for making this repair article possible. These are often a problem on old instruments, if contacts got contamination and unable to maintain low resistance connections. HP A after cover removed. Good condition, “X” shaped scratch on the right side of the screen, small nick in rubber around the screen. Calibration was referenced to measurement results of my Keithley which was calibrated in February by Tektronix, and is most accurate meter I currently have up to date Few photos of calibration steps for better understanding.

Up for sale is a used, complete, sold as pictured, no errors, passed self test but will need a new display as there are extra lines and or digits in the display and unit will be sold in working order Top Dog Test is corporate friendly we understand the traditional acquisition and capital approval process. Overall signal path is rather simple to read on board, even without reference to service manual or schematics. Hp Agilent Keysight A. U ASIC resistor network measurement results.


Shift registers on AC circuitry and few other opamps were replaced as well, but that was actually unnecessary. HP A more zener regulators and capacitors.

Cause for this was again bad tantalum capacitors, C, C, C, C Keysight A Digital Multimeter — Datasheet. The unit passed self-testing pic 2. The serial is SG HP A Zero calibration with 4W short. Agilent A Digital Multimeter, 6. This part is used and was removed in working condition.

HP A power supplies. Not this time though, no problems detected with a switch, probed input 1. Again, it was tested and works fine! The photos are of the actual item being sold.

Showing Results for Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) 34401A

There were some cases of input protection resistors in size failure on A, but check revealed no problem with input circuitry as well. As usual, every repair should start from local power supply diagnostics and debug. In no event shall the author, xDevs.

Expertly Refurbished by TestEquity.

Agilent 34401A

U multiplexer 74HC was replaced as well, but issue was same. Time packrad summary Image Browse Related Browse Related. Few photos of calibration steps for better understanding.


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