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Book | Ibn ‘Ata Allah: Hikam – Aphorisms الإمام ابن عطاء الله السكندري: الحكم By Ibn ‘Ata Allah al-Sakandari: → · Arabic: الحكم العطائية PDF (with tashkil). AI-Hikam of Ibn Atta’illah. English Translation & Arabic Text. Page 2. EDgUsh translation of selected wisdoms from A!-Hikam of Ibn AUa ‘Wah. I. One of the signs. Ibn Ata Allah al-Iskandari Or click here for a PDF of the original Arabic text. The Book of Wisdom (Kitab al-hikam) is a masterpiece of Islamic spiritual.

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As for the insincere, the feeling of security from chastisement suffices him. Your Lord is amused by a people who are pushed to Paradise in chains. And treating a hidden [disease] is difficult.

The Book of Wisdoms (Kitab Al-Hikam) : A Collection of Sufi Aphorisms

Had they contemplated Him in everything, they would not have been alienated from anything. Still others have no spiritual lights nor any remembrances — and we seek refuge with God from that.

How can it be conceived that something veils Him, since, were it not for Him, the existence of everything would not have been manifest? For only the rightful duty seems hard for it. Thus, the soul looks at the illusory exterior while the heart looks at the admonitory interior.

Rather, what veils you from Him is the illusion of a being alongside illahh Him.

Or how can it ara to God while shackled by its passions? Rather, we hurl the truth at falsehood; so, it knocks it out until falsehood vanishes. Then, He makes them see His actions. The former happens to the beginners and the later is for the well-established and realised.


THe eye of the intellect makes you witness your nonbeing as due to His Being. The insincere heart, He does not approach.

Al-Hikam (Aphorisms) | The Matheson Trust

Rather, go from creatures to the Creator: Wherever the light falls, there understanding is reached. J 84 84 When he opens up your understanding of deprivation, deprivation becomes nikam same as giving. Indeed when kings enter cities, they ruin them. Your seeking Him is due to your absence from Him.

You have in God independence from everything but nothing can make you free of need from Him. And has He conferred upon you anything but His favours?

Kitab Al Hikam of Ibn Ata Illah English & Arabic |

The best adabic to have as a friend is He who does not seek you out for the sake of something coming from you to Him. Then, He makes them return to deep understanding of His names. Those traveling the Path under a teacher experience these things in the hikaam order. But if there were a covering to It, then that would be a limitation to Its Being: And if you want Him to open you the door of fear, behold what is from you to Him.

For, truly, it manifests nothing but what is in keeping with its character or its inevitable nature. Many a time He accepts an act whose fruit you do not taste now. And in such a state, take what is in agreement with [external] knowledge. How can you request reward for the truthfulness He has given you? Do you not know that He is the one who presented the knowledge of Himself to you, whereas you are the one who presented Him with deeds?


And sometimes a short life is extremely fruitful.

In the grace of God and in His mercy, in that they should rejoice. And He expanded your free time so that some choice [in performing actions] would remain for you. How can it arahic conceived that something veils Him, since He is the Manifest to everything? For what knowledge is xrabic in a self-satisfied scholar?

Thus, the light of day is not from you and does not belong to you; rather, it is merely being put over you. He who has Him as his starting-point knows the Real as It is, and proves any matter by reference to the Being of its Origin. Behold what is in the heavens and the earth. And peace on you!

For others, dhikr and illumination are simultaneous; this last group has dhikr which guides and lights which are followed. The trials that arrive in this world are but reminders to you of what you ignore of indigence. And he is busied araboc the rights of God from remembering qrabic selfish shares. Or how can it understand the subtle points of mysteries while it has not yet repented of its offences? Every limitation to anything has power over it.


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