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IOTN, Richmond (Manchester). The IOTN is a clinical index to assess orthodontic treatment need. Requirements of medical indices: Clinical validity and. aesthetic component dental health component dhc ruler conventions for index of orthodontic treatment need. J Orthod. Mar;28(1) The use of the Index of Orthodontic Treatment need (IOTN) in a school population and referred population. Uçüncü N(1).

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Perceived aesthetic impact of malocclusion in year-old adults in the rural areas of India

Teenagers, in particular have been found to attach great importance to an attractive dental appearance. The examination was carried out by two calibrated examiners who had been previously trained and calibrated in the utilization of the IOTN and Occlusal Index molar and canine relationships according to Angle classification; overjet, overbite, tooth rotation and crowding in the arch. It is possible that subjects replied defensively and subconsciously trying to allocate themselves to the attractive side in order to avoid treatment.

If two or more occlusal anomalies are of the same DHC grade, the most inddx one is scored. Many methods are developed for assessing the malocclusion 12. Why are extractions sometimes necessary as part of orthodontic treatment?

Perceived aesthetic impact of malocclusion in 16-24 year-old adults in the rural areas of India

To determine whether you qualify for NHS care our orthodontists will need to assess the health and appearance of your smile. Quality control in orthodontics: The indes analyzed composed of older adolescents and younger adults ranging in age between 16 and 24 years old.


The sample consisted of 31 female and 79 male subjects older than 16 years with complete permanent dentition. The psycho-social impact of malocclusions and treatment expectations of adolescent orthodontic patients.

Several indices have been developed to assess orthodontic treatment need in particular populations or communities. Keywords Esthetic component, index of orthodontic treatment need, self-perception. The influence of social class, gender, and peers on the uptake of orthodontic treatment.


Psychological and social effects of orthodontic treatment. A mouth mirror and sliding caliper were used, without radiographs or study casts. This site uses cookies. BMC Oral Health ;9: If you are given an aesthetic score of 6 or above, combined with a ibdex health score of 3, you will be eligible for NHS treatment.

IOTN score n Percentage 1 M issing teeth including aplasia, displaced and impacted teeth O verjets including reverse sagittal overjets C rossbite D isplacement O verbites including open bites Mnemonic acronym: Where can I study dentistry? Factors influencing the desire for orthodontic indeex. Personal esthetic perceptions of the dentofacial complex and the associated psychosocial need are directly reflected in perceived need for orthodontic care.

A definite need of treatment was represented by photoswhile borderline and no need for orthodontic treatment were represented by photos by photos andrespectively. Dental appearance and orthodontic services assessed by year-old adolescents in eastern Finland. In summary, further studies are required to improve our understanding of self-perceived need for orthodontic treatment, especially in developing countries where different factors than those reported in North American and European countries could be influencing the demand and delivery of orthodontic care.


Grade 1 is almost perfection. Meet the camel who wore train tracks.

Orthodontic treatment, as integral part of oral health care programs need to be based on information of treatment needs. Perceived aesthetic impact of malocclusion and oral self-perceptions in year-old Asian and Caucasian children in greater Manchester. Dental Press J Orthod.

Similar findings were observed in a study conducted by Alhaija et al. The grading is made by the orthodontist matching the patient to these photographs.

Please include attribution to http: In such high demand for orthodontic treatment need it is necessary to establish need for the orthodontic treatment as fundamental, so that individuals with greatest treatment need can be assigned priority. The IOTN is a clinical index to assess orthodontic treatment need.

The results showed that most subjects scored themselves as having an attractive dentition with no need for orthodontic treatment What is an orthodontic therapist? Support Center Support Center. Concern for dental appearance among young adults in a region with non-specialist orthodontic treatment.

Dental Aesthetic Index scores and perception of personal dental appearance among Turkish university students. This is due to the accumulated iotm needs of the problems of caries and periodontal disease, an issue that is strongly correlated to the current healthcare model as well as to the inequality in access to healthcare services.

The main reasons for orthodontic treatment are usually an improvement in facial or dental aesthetic 2. What should I expect from my orthodontist or dentist?


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