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Originially from the tropics of South America, this evergreen,flowering shrub has spread to Asia, Africa and north America. It has been reported to have medicinal . Bush Morning Glory is a shrub which grows to m high. Originally from tropical America, it is widely naturalized. The hindi/marathi names besharam/behaya. J Complement Integr Med. Jun;11(2) doi: /jcim A review on Ipomoea carnea: pharmacology, toxicology and phytochemistry.

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Next Article Jasminum multiflorum Star Jasmine. Technology partner Strand Life Sciences. Remember me Forgot password? Charles Darwin Foundation, Natural History Natural History. India Biodiversity Portal, Individual plants can thus easily expand, covering dozens of square metres.

University of the West Indies. Swaziland National Trust Commission, Risk and Impact Factors Top of page Invasiveness Proved invasive outside its native range Has a broad native range Abundant in its native range Highly adaptable to different environments Is a habitat ipome Tolerates, or benefits from, cultivation, browsing pressure, mutilation, fire etc Iopmea in disturbed areas Highly mobile locally Benefits from human association i.

Systematic Botany, 28 4: Physiology and Phenology I. Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report.

India Biodiversity Portal

Review of the genus Ipomoea: Media related to Ipomoea carnea at Wikimedia Commons. Botanical database of the Nadeaud Herbarium of French Polynesia.

It was probably introduced by the Indian or Egyptian farmers working at these farms. The taxonomy of many Ipomoea species, including Ipomoea carnea subsp. Seeds are covered by a dense cottony, furry indumentum, consisting of slightly glossy and thick hairs that facilitate wind and water dispersal Al-Sodany, The genus Ipomoea includes more than species distributed worldwide, carena approximately species occurring in tropical and warm temperate regions of the Americas Miller et al.


The leaves are slightly purgative and eaten as cagnea vegetable, although they are considered toxic to livestock. This Solanales article is a stub.

Systematic Botany, 24 2 The risk of introduction of I. A checklist of the total vascular plant flora of Singapore: Checklist of the vascular plants of Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia, with local names and uses.

Ipomoea carnea – Bush Morning Glory

Morning Glory Tree. Notes on Natural Enemies Top of page In Bolivia, Lepidoptera larvae and Carrnea parasitize the leaves, stems and seeds of this plant.

Journal of Materials Science Letters.

Earth Laughs in Flowers. Lejoly and Lisowski, ; Frey, Don’t need the entire report? The portal will be unavailable all day on Sunday 23rd Dec for maintenance. Habitat Top of page I. Observation specific search options Observed during.

Risk of Introduction Top of page The risk ipoea introduction of I. Originially from the tropics of South America, this evergreen,flowering shrub has spread to Asia, Africa and north America.

One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using. The current map showing distribution of species is only indicative. Stem fragments can set root within a few days, while decumbent branches root in the soil and grow upwards, becoming new ramets Al-Sodany, Plant Resources of South-East Asia.


More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status.

Ipomoea carnea

Authors have noted that the taxonomic confusion may be ipkmea to the morphological plasticity observed when these plants grow in wet and dry habitats and to their extensive cultivation as ornamentals Verdcourt, ; Austin, ; Frey, ; Shaltout et al.

User Group specific search options Title. Environmental Impact Top of page I. Rio de Janeiro Botanic Garden. Under glass, provide full light with protection from the hottest sun. Soil Tolerances Top of page Soil drainage free seasonally waterlogged Soil reaction acid neutral Soil texture light medium. Send a request for permission. Notes on Taxonomy and Nomenclature Top of page Ipomoea is a large and complex genus of vines and shrubs within the Convolvulaceae Stevens, Prune climbing species in spring.

Branches terete or angular, stout, becoming sparsely lenticellate with age. It grows as a weed in disturbed sites, forest margins, ioomea woodlands, grasslands, gardens and fences, and it also grows along waterways, in riparian areas, irrigation channels, swamps and wetlands. Charles Darwin Foundation Chaudhuri, H. Plants of the Eastern Caribbean. Invasive alien plants of Indian Himalayan Region – diversity and implication.


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