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ISBP BPO. UCP. Letters of Credit. CDCS. ICC Opinions. Guarantees. Collections. ISP Supply Chain. Financing. Reimbursements. Incoterms. Forfaiting. Since the approval of International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP) by the While the named port of loading, as required by the credit, should appear in. ISP 98 d. Because a standby is documentary, an issuer’s obligations depend on the presentation of documents and an examination of.

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International Rules

A significant function of the ICC is the preparation and promotion of its uniform rules of practice. Risks 9 Be Covered Participants in ICC seminars and workshops have indicated that rejection rates have dropped due to the application of the practices that are detailed in ISBP.

If a credit calls for instalment shipments, each shipment must be in accordance with the instalment schedule. In the event that more than one set of multi-modal transport documents are presented and if they incorporate different dates of shipment, dispatch or taking in charge, the latest of these dates will be taken for the calculation of any presentation period, and such date must fall on or before any latest date of shipment, dispatch or taking in charge specified in the credit.

An Introduction to eUCP. On Board Notations This publication and the UCP should be read in their entirety and not in isolation. If a bill of lading is issued to order or to order of the shipper, it must be endorsed by the shipper.

Some documents commonly used in relation to the transportation of goods, e. There is no requirement for a mirror image. Percentage and Amount Where a credit is issued subject to UCP, the credit will be interpreted in accordance with the entire set of 39 articles contained in UCP A goods description in charter party bills of lading may be shown in general terms not in conflict with that stated in the credit.

To comply with UCP article 20, a bill of lading must appear to cover a port-to-port shipment but need not be titled “marine bill of lading”, “ocean bill of lading”, “port-to-port bill of lading” or similar. If a credit requires a multi-modal transport document to show that the goods are consigned to a named party, e.


If a credit requires presentation of sibp charter party bill of lading or if a credit allows presentation of a charter party bill of lading and a charter party bill of lading is presented, UCP article 22 is applicable.

In all cases the drawee bank must advise the maturity date to the presenter. Non-negotiable copies of bills of lading do not need to include any signature on, or authentication of, any alterations or corrections that may have been made on the original.

Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits

Original multi-modal transport documents must be signed in the form described in UCP sub-article 19 a i and indicate the name of the carrier, identified as the carrier.

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An air transport document must indicate the airport of departure and airport of destination as stated in ibp credit. Clauses or notations on the air transport document which do not expressly declare a defective condition of the isbpp or packaging e.

You have no items in your shopping cart. Contents of Certificates of Origin If a credit requires presentation of a bill of lading “marine”, “ocean” or “port-to-port” or similar covering sea shipment only, UCP article 20 is applicable.

SBLC Subject to UCP and ISBP – Best Trade Solution

If a credit does not state a notify party, the respective field on the charter party bill of lading may be left blank or completed in any manner. While the named port of loading, as izbp by the credit, should appear in the port of loading field within the bill of lading, it may instead be stated in the field headed “Place of receipt” or the like, if it is clear that the goods were transported from that place of receipt by vessel and provided there is an on board notation evidencing that the goods were loaded on that vessel at the port stated under “Place of receipt” or like term.

The use of generally accepted abbreviations, for example “Ltd” instead of “Limited”, “Int’l” instead of “International”, “Co.


The content of the Policy Statement appears in the Appendix of this publication, for reference purposes. Documents must not indicate that they were issued after the date they are presented.

An insurance document must cover the risks defined in the credit. The date of acceptance of iwbp draft must be no later than the date the issuing bank accepts the waiver of the applicant.

ISP 98- International Standby Practices

Such authentication must appear to have been made by the carrier, master captain or any of their agents who may be different from the agent that may have issued or signed itprovided they are identified as an agent of the carrier or the master captain. Likewise, if a credit requires the goods to be consigned “to order” or “to order of” a named party, the multi-modal transport document must ksbp show that the goods are consigned straight to the named party.

This latest version, called the UCP, formally commenced on 1 July If a credit gives a geographical area or range of ports of loading or discharge e. Clean Air Transport Documents If a charter party bill of lading is issued to order or to order of the shipper, it must be endorsed by the shipper. Such a duplicate will be accepted as an original. If a credit prohibits partial shipments and more than one set of original bills of lading are presented covering shipment from one or more ports of loading as specifically allowed, or within the geographical area or range stated in the creditsuch documents are acceptable provided that they cover the shipment of goods on the same vessel and same journey and are destined for the same port of discharge.

Although it is expected that a required certificate or declaration in a separate document be dated, its compliance will depend on the type of certification or declaration that has been requested, its required wording and the wording that appears within it.


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