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Minute Toughness is more than a book; it is a mental training program that every athlete should add into their daily routine. A Review of “Minute Toughness: The Mental-Training Program for Jason Selk, who is the current director of sport psychology for the St. The 10MT means 10 Minute Toughness and is the central component of the training system. This is approximately 10 minutes of prescribed.

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10-Minute Toughness

You need a proven routine of daily exercises to get you where you want to go. Apr 19, Andre rated it it was ok Shelves: In saying this there jaason many valuable a relevant things to highlight and revisit. It’s helped me a lot and jsson help you too. Browse our products in the store directory. Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website. However, I think developing your 10 min mental training routine really min could be very valuable and I plan to give it a try this next cyclocross season.

Minute Toughness: The Mental Training Program for Winning Before the Game Begins by Jason Selk

Specifically applied to sports. All orders are processed safely and securely! Join Optimize and get instant access to all PhilosophersNotes and over 25 Optimal Living master classes. I read “10 Minute Toughness: The advice given is sound and helped me progress in my sport.


As a retired NFL player looking forward, I can see as many applications for the toughness Jason Selk’s program brought out of me in the business world ” Toughnesa Toughness is a solid mental training program.

Assigned reading but a pretty okay read.

If you want to improve toughneas performance in sports or any endeavor, Minute Toughness has your simple yet comprehensive mental formula. I’m going to explain it a bit differently: In this case, you can follow the money right to professional sports. Join tens of thousands of people from around the world.

I still face the same types of fears that Gaiman does, but the difference in my response to them has been night and day. Transformational Apply these ideas diligently, patiently, persistently, and playfully and happy dances are guaranteed.

I highly recommend this book. So Easy to Use Easy access and support giving you all need and more for personal success.

Book Review: 10 Minute Toughness by Jason Selk

They could see it in her eyes and body language. I’d recommend this book to athletes and non-athletes alike. Now it’s his ritual. So we started keep stats on every player in every game so she could get a more accurate and healthy view of her performance levels.

Mar 05, Tommy rated it really liked it. The team went to a spring tournament, and she was the girl who was shanking the balls, serving out, and unable to hit. We’ll send password reset instructions to: Great read with practical applications.


I compete in kettlebell sport, the NASCAR version of Olympic weightlifting, in which a competitor has 10 minutes to perform as many lifts as possible without resting.

They don’t care if a player has a bad play or shift, they wanna see how they come back from that. Phase one is where all the honey lies, just read through the other phases.

Book Review: 10 Minute Toughness by Jason Selk |

Sometimes I have to really get creative to answer these three simple questions, but no matter what, I can always strive to PR my attitude, focus, preparation, recovery minure nutrition. In 10 minutes, you will calm yourself down, use a I read this book as a primer for a shooting competition that I was about to enter.

I think Selk put together a good system for mental training, one that you can use several times over and continue to refine as a tool for development and performance.


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