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Paweł Ciećwierz is the author of Nekrofikcje ( avg rating, 10 ratings, 1 review , published ), Synowie Kaina, córy Lilith Rzecz o wampirach w f. Donat Szyller is the author of Martwe dziwki idą do nieba ( avg rating, 21 ratings, 1 review, published ) and Jedenaście pazurów ( avg rating. Jaga Rydzewska is the author of Wojownicy ( avg rating, 21 ratings, 2 reviews, published ), Gwiazdomorze ( avg rating, 7 ratings, 0 reviews.

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You can do it right now. One word of warning though: Visit our Help Pages. The deadline is the 30th of September. The result of this work you can buy today in book stores, that is I have added the “Science Fiction” omnibus to the Books section.

Please, accept my apologies. They celebrated New Year in the day of Spring equinox. In the first tome you will paurow the famous 13th story.

Came from Sumers, the oldest civilization on the Earth, dating from 4 B. Two interesting I hope texts can be found there.

Piorunowski, Tomasz (1969- ).

During last few months Marcin Jakubowski, an eminent Polish graphic artist cooperated with me creating a new gamedecverse illustration. My lecture “Wanna change a man?

I is not typical, because it’s twice of the normal length. They will perform missions, thanks to which they will collect the leads, do actions connected to the place of their stay, buy equipment from corporations and interact with other gamedecs.


Pictures of the Empire”. He composed quite an interesting interview with me which he placed on his website “The literature is sexy”. This time it happened. Eras change every years. A short movie is being made about Torkil and his world. The player’s goal will be to conduct an investigation leading to the jedenascle who terrorise the net. I am writing another tome of Gamedec Saga: My author meeting will take place at Ann Sokolowsky is more and more popular in the net. Please, visit my blog to see the results.

First of all – happy new year, and let the Aquarius era bring new, interesting events: The whole event program may be seen here. I work pretty hard on the fifth tome of gamedec adventures, so it is time to announce it’s working title, and to show it’s unofficial cover. Such nicknames as Gimper, Soul, Pazuroa or Ator are well known to all youtube short movies lovers.

The premiere of the book will take place on the 20th of July this year. I won’t hide my joy, that a good website like Katedra and a nice forum like Zaginiona Biblioteka have noticed gamedec existnecne.

When I observed toy guns at the mall lately, I thought it would be good if those yellow and red and blue toys trapped the idea of war, so that people would only play war, did not fulfill its “metal” form.

It is quite a coincidence, as there is a new, better, electronic version of this book available on cdp. A January Nowa Fantastyka is already available. I attended Festiwal Fantastyki in Nidzica. The main heroine is a diginet created by Ariston Borgia, whom readers know from the 1st tome of Torkil’s adventures.


Next weekend I will attend Warsaw Avangarda. Flashes” by Jakub Winiarski which is also inside the issue.

Witold Jabłoński –

It is typical though, as it puts some issues heads over hills. It is the highest time to say, that the 5th tome of Gamedec Saga, “Gamedec: There comes the end of exodus in Gildia and CDA.

Just click “contact” and do it: I hope you will find the story interesting. It’s a quite an important event, because it will take place in the very school I used to attend. Jakub Nowak published nedenascie new “Gamedec: We all know that homo sapiens is not the ultimate peak of evolution, don’t we?

Witold Jabłoński

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Here is the plan:


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