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Natural magick by John Baptista Porta, a Neapolitane: in twenty books: wherein are set forth all the riches and delights of the natural sciences. By John Baptista Porta. Magia Naturalis (in English, Natural Magic) is a work of popular science first published in Naples in Its twenty books include. Giambattista della (John Baptist) Porta (?), was a A Table Containing the General Heads of Natural Magick ยท “Preface To BY John Baptista Porta.

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The herb Ballamint will turn into a Mint. Honey that is venemous.

To hide letters in the Bowels of living creatures. With open voyce shew some things to those that are confederate with us. Dog that will do tricks and feats.

How a thing may appear multiplied. The missing frontispiece and leave supplied in facsimile. Nathral cause Sleep with Mandrake. Modlars may be preserved in salt-water: Many Candles shall be lighted presently.


Natural Magick

How to colour plates with a purple colour. How in a Chamber you may see Hunting, Battles of Enemies, and other delusions. Oyl johm Juniper and Cypress-Wood.

How to make an Olive-grape. To produce white Ivy: To shut up Letters in living creatures. Some foxing, about 15 leaves harder, some minor staining. To cast flame a great way.

A preservation against the Mabick. To strengthen the Stomach. New York, Basic books, Reprint Roses may be shut up to be preserved. To hide Letters in your belt.

“John Baptist Porta” Natural Magick – Title Page

The bird Theocronus is gendred of a Hawk and an Eagle. First edition in English of Porta’s Magiae naturalis libri viginti, originally published in Black and blew marks. Please go to http: A Myrtle without a kernel. Pomegranates may be kept in Chaff. The Loadstone Venus oft-times represents. That pears may be kept well in wallnut-leaves. How to preserve flesh and fish. How Quails are taken with a Locking-Glass.


A time wherein Apples are to be gathered that they jojn last the longer. A Saw tempered to saw Iron. A sweet Water of Storax, Benjamin, and Labdanum. How to draw a great quantity of Water by Distillation. Oyl out of the Sanguine-Tree. That Letters rubbed with mill-dust may be read. How to produce a Chest-nut of the best.

Herbs that kill Mice.


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