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K9F2G08U0M datasheet, K9F2G08U0M pdf, K9F2G08U0M data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Samsung Electronic, FLASH MEMORY. K9F2G08U0M Datasheet PDF Download – FLASH MEMORY, K9F2G08U0M data sheet. The attached data sheets are prepared and approved by SAMSUNG Electronics. SAMSUNG Electronics CO., LTD. reserve the right to change the specifications.

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It is possible to write data into the cache registers while data stored in data registers are being programmed into memory cells in cache program mode. Data in the data page can be read out at datasyeet 30ns, only X8 device cycle time per byte or word X16 device. Refer to table 3 for device status after reset operation. The following possible failure modes should be considered to implement a highly reliable system.

The operation for performing a copy-back kk9f2g08u0m is a sequential execution of page-read without serial access and copying-program with the address of destination page.

K9f2g08h0m M byte X8 device or M word X16 device physical space requires 29 X8 or 28 X16 addresses, thereby requiring five cycles for addressing: Refer to table 2 for specific Status Register definitions. The internal byte X8 device or word X16 device data registers ddatasheet utilized as separate buffers for this operation and the system design gets more flexible.

C Vcc Vss N. Data input cycle for modifying a portion or multiple distant portions of the source page is allowed as shown in Figure Since the k9f2t08u0m cycles of serial access and re-loading cycles are removed, the system performance is improved. Random page address programming is prohibited.


The memory array consists of separately erasable K-byte X8 device or 64K-word X16 device blocks. The information regarding the invalid block s is so called as the invalid block information. The on-chip write controller automates all program and erase functions including pulse repetition, where required, and internal verification and margining of data.

Writing 10h alone without previously entering the serial data will not initiate the programming process. In addition to the enhanced architecture and interface, the device incorporates copy-back program feature from one page to another page without need for transporting datzsheet data to and from the external buffer memory.

You may also be interested in: The bytes X8 device or words X16 device of data within the selected page are transferred to the data registers in less than 25? WP pin provides hardware protection and is recommended to be kept at VIL during power-up and power-down. Power-On Auto Read mode is available only on 3.

Its NAND cell provides the most costeffective solution for the solid state mass storage market. Auto-page read function is enabled only when PRE pin is tied to Vcc. Faithfully describe 24 hours delivery 7 days Changing or Refunding.

256M X 8 Bit / 128M X 16 Bit NAND Flash Memory

Data in the data page can be read out at 50ns 30ns, only X8 device cycle time per byte or word X16 device. VIL can undershoot to Add the data protection Vcc guidence for 1. As soon as the device returns to Ready state, Page-Copy Data-input command 85h with the address cycles of destination page followed may be written.


The random read mode is enabled when the page address is changed.

RE or CE does not need to be toggled for updated status. Total 1, NAND cells reside in a block. The number of valid blocks is presented with both cases of invalid blocks considered. The said additional block failure rate does not include those reclaimed blocks. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect reliability. The device provides cache program in a block.

To transfer data from cache k9c2g08u0m to data registers, the device remains in Busy state for a short period of time tCBSY and has its cache registers ready for the next data-input while the internal programming gets started with the data dataxheet into data registers.

Some commands require one bus cycle. The repetitive high to low transitions of the RE clock make the device output the data starting from the selected column address up to the last datawheet address.


Each of the 32 cells resides in a dqtasheet page. Buffer memory of the controller. Functional operation should be restricted to the conditions as detailed in the operational sections of this data sheet. A byte X8 device or word X16 device data register and a byte X8 device or word X16 device cache register are serially connected to each other.

A program operation can be performed in typical ?


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