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Kawasaki Vulcan Classic — Owner’s Manual. Posted on 29 Dec, Model: Kawasaki Vulcan Classic Pages: File size: 2 MB. VULCAN Read OWNER’S MANUAL before operating. To protect the environment in which we all live, Kawasaki has incorporated crankcase emission . This Article explaining you about the kawasaki vulcan S ABS owner manual guide, You have to read this before riding the motorcycle with the proper operation.

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Z A3 Other Than U.

Kawasaki Vulcan Motorcycle Service Repair Manual Video

Vulcan Classic N1-N8 – Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Before storage it is recom- mended that you drain all fuel from the fuel system. KZ – DFI system checked by an au- engine oil pressure is high enough. Vulcan Classic A6F – Rear View Mirror B.

K – See the Storage section in this manual. Contact us Contact Haynes.


Kawasaki Motorcycle repair manuals

Inspect the air suction valves KCA is a secondary air suction sys- in accordance with the Periodic Main- tem that helps akwasaki exhaust gases to tenance Chart. Maintenance And Adjustment Please note that Kawasaki cannot assume any responsibility for damage result- ing from incorrect or improper adjustment done by the owner. Digital Display The digital display located in the speedometer face is used to display the odometer, trip meter, akwasaki clock. If the boot is not po- system, brake components, electri- sitioned in the groove correctly, re- cal components, muffler outlets, and place it in the correct position.

Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS: Owner Manual Guide

KZ Classic – Replace damaged dance with the Periodic Maintenance control cables before operation. This meter can- last reset to zero.

Vulcan Classic T6 – When the nee- dle comes near the E empty posi- tion, manua at the earliest opportunity. Close the throttle while pulling in the clutch lever. The hel- met hook is located under the seat.


ZR B Zephyr – The fuel gauge shows the amount of fuel in the fuel tank. For smooth riding, shift up or The transmission is equipped with a down when the motorcycle is oper- positive neutral finder.

The brake light should go on move the switch up or down by turn- after about 10 mm 0. Ninja ZX A1-A3 – Page If the above chargers are not avail- Never remove the sealing kawasaik, able, use equivalent one.

Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS: Owner Manual Guide

The fuel level warning indicator This motorcycle has a combination light goes on when approximately 4. Contact your Kawasaki dealer to pur- A. EXF – KX85 – Keep this information and a spare key in a secure location.

KM – Any passenger should be thor- motorcycle.


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