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Kenjutsu is a Japanese martial arts focused on sword techniques. In contrast to Kendo, Kenjutsu is less focused on sparring and more on technique and katas. The basics of Japanese sword training explained. but all the major categories of Japanese sword training arts – Iaido, Kenjutsu and Kendo have them to some . Kenjutsu is a comprehensive study of Japanese swordsmanship having ties to the Samurai Learn About Kenjutsu Training and Techniques.

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It may well be sharper than you think. The movements are smaller, more subtle, and the distance is closer.

Originating with the Samurai class eknjutsu Japan, Kenjutsu means “the method of” or “the technique of” the sword. In the practice of these forms, distances are closer and the pace faster. Most of the footwork requires sure steps and angles, avoiding the step and sliding adjustments students sometimes do.

Now he writes everything from how-to blogs to horror films.

Many katana posess ornately carved hilts with kenjjtsu heads or gold wire handle. Click here to download. Some schools will train with a bamboo sword covered in leather fukuro shinai particularly in the case of a student being new to the art form and not as well versed in controlling a sword, which can lead to injuries on the part of the sparring partner.

A common mistake is to use too much force in the right hand, which is really only just guiding the blade.

Kenjutsu Techniques

Having performed the strike in right posture, move your weight forwards on to your right foot and bring your hands up to the keniutsu of, and just above, your head with the jo pointing to your right. In jiu jitsu as with most of the gentle art, only the surface of a set of techniques is touched upon. Nov 7, 7.


Recommended Learn Judo Online. The Jo movements are generally based upon the Iwama Style 31 Jo Kata with some of the movements also based upon the usage of the bo, naginata, and the spear. SportsRec is the 1 source for all things sports! As with any online training material you have to make sure that the material being taught is not sub-standard, and the best way to do this is to practice some due diligence by reading reviews, going to websites and perusing Kenjutsu forums to get a better idea of what is involved.

Bring the jo round in a strike to your opponent’s knee, keeping your left hand behind the jo to give power to the strike. This also means that your hands will be able to hold the sword comfortably for a much greater length of time.

However, the style of Japanese sword training kfnjutsu truly specializes in free sparring is Kendo. Slide your right hand down to the end as you bring the jo to a horizontal position, tsuki no kame.

Kenjutsu Techniques | SportsRec

Share This Page Tweet. No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. Practicing Kenjutsu alone has become a way of self-improvement and physical development, as swinging a heavy sword around increases body strength and flexibility.

At the same time extend both arms driving a little body weight and shoulder into the thurst.

Kenjutsu – Black Belt Wiki

Kenjutsu is about more than swordplay; this martial art is filled with ritual, history and precise striking techniques. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so.


Commence in left posture. Hello everyone, my name is Hal. Some of these rules are designed to show that your intent in the training hall is to learn and to avoid behavior which is threatening or dangerous. This is a thankful state of affairs!

Sorry, I’m writing this as I’m watching them The smaller wakizashi made a good weapon for the off hand, and such a combination was referred to as diasho meaning the long and the short. Blocking is done with the edge, precisely for the reason he says you shouldn’t. A series of 10 Kata drills for Kendo.

His student, Morihiro Saito Sensei, carried on the tradition of executing Aikido techniques identically regardless of whether a weapon was used or not. This will help you get enough distance in your draw to get the tip of the blade out of the scabbard.

It is at this point that Kenjutsu starts to resemble Kendo kehjutsu the desired results. The cuts I go for were: The second four forms are in the classic “Ura” or ‘hidden’ form. The objective of Kenjutsu is to learn how to kill or harm an opponent using a sword, whereas Kendo is used more for personal development and discipline.

Contained within these seemingly archaic movements are many lethal techniques that, ideally at least, are based on tried and tested combat techniques. An expert in Kenjutsu kenjustu called a Kenjutsuka, and to rise to this level takes months, if not years, of dedicated training.


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