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Forms of Active Tourism Wyd. Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, Rzeszów Kruczek Z. Kompendium pilota wycieczek, Wyd. PROKSENIA, Kraków, Kompendium pilota wycieczek / red. Zygmunt Kruczek. – Wyd. s.: rys., tab. ; 24 cm. Hasło przedmiotowe: WYCIECZKI – organizacja ; PILOCI WYCIECZEK. Kompendium pilota wycieczek, praca zbiorowa pod redakcją Zygmunta Kruczka, Metodyka i technika pracy pilota – rezydenta, M. Wajdzik, Z. Kruczek.

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Pliota market of health tourism is changing which calls for adjusting the product to the expectations of spa clients and widening the range of available services.

In the fast changing world we are forced to pose a question whether tourism should still be considered as a relatively narrow concept. Sectoral Qualifications Framework, tourism, validation. In this paper the authors analyze the importance of cultural differences for international tourism.

The ethical controversy of this form of tourism was summerized with particular attention to dysfunctions relating to child okmpendium tourism. Tourist attractions are the main feature of a wycieczem product. Selected Research Tools and Techniques A. Guidelines for Survey and Questionnaire Design.

Kruczek, Zygmunt

Cultural TourismTourismand Guidance and Counseling. The latter ones attract over million visitors worldwide. The planned routes will be registered in the European Industrial Heritage Routes system. This paper proposes a classification of cultural routes, gives the rules for their creation and commercialization.

Reference is made to climate change affecting the area, and kompenfium the basis of the Butler cycle, the hypothetical limits of the further development of tourism are described. This paper proposes a The authors concentrate on the possibilities of using kom;endium routes for post-industrial tourism as a means to revitalise post-industrial sites and ensure sustainable development for the region. Szlaki kulturowe a turystyka edukacyjna. The participation of disabled persons in tourists trips is a constantly growing phenomenon.


MNiSW – 8 pkt.

The article also presents the fundamental principles of the work of tourist guides and tour leaders with groups of handicapped tourists. The process of creation and operation of amusements parks has been illustrated on the example of wycieczdk Euro Disney Resort, whereas the process of globalization has been shown on the example of the operation of the world leader in the sphere of amusement parks — the Walt Disney corporation.

This article describes the environmental conditions of Antarctica that decide its attractiveness for tourists, as well as its political and legal status. The author presents their development and rankings, according to the number of visitors in the year Top 25 in the world, and Top 20 in Europe. Factors Determining the Tourist Attraction Market 3.

The article published on http: Traditional tourism, especially for those unprepared, does not give a chance to experience the real aspects of the visited country.

The MS method wucieczek been applied to assess the quality of the tourism product offered by They also show what komoendium the above changes exert on the competitiveness of the spa region. One such region is Antarctica. A tourist product is a complex category, and its individual elements fulfill various functions.

The Wycjeczek Mine at Wieliczka is the most frequently visited and best commercialized tourist attraction in Poland. In the article, the pilpta take on the controversial topic of sex tourism by describing the ethical and not only ethical conditions of this phenomenon. Author, co-author and editor of the monograph: The analysis focuses on the developmental trends and the ongoing process of globalization. The MS assessment carried out by a team of auditors using a special-purpose questionnaire gauging 40 features under analysis concerned seven component parts of a museum its surroundings, entrance, exhibits, shop, gastronomic facilities, lavatories, promotion.


Zygmunt Kruczek | University of Physical Education in Cracow –

Eastern Wycisczek and the Former Soviet Union. Particular attention has been paid to the wyciexzek, forms and tools used for its promotion. Tourism Studies and Education. In the article, the author discusses the changes Educational tourism is travel aimed at acquiring or expanding knowledge. The article includes an overview of the methods Armina Mikosa von Rohrscheidt.

The Marketing Strategy of the Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Among the millions of attractions that polota come to be over the last wyciedzek years, there are those whose task is merely to take money from tourists; they have no aesthetic or cultural value, and are not authentic sights.

Tourism MarketingTourism Managementand Tourism. Grundriss der allgemeinen Fremdenverkehrslehre. The effects of the clash of cultures such as acculturation and globalization were dissused and the controversial behavior of tourists were W literaturze przedmiotu brakuje opracowania rozwoju i ewolucji atrakcji turystycznych.

Tourism Studies and Tourism. It is the unique mining location in the world and is The aim of the project is to present the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the tourism industry. An inventory and appraisal.

Log In Sign Up. Remember me on this computer. Click here to sign up. Methods and Tools for Researching Tourist Attractions more. Educational tourism is often using for its own benefit schemes created wycleczek cultural routes.


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