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LEY 21297 PDF

on Labour Contracts (Régimen de contrato de trabajo [texto ordenado de ; aprobado por ley núm. , de , modificado por ley núm. Régimen de contrato de trabajo [texto ordenado de ; aprobado por ley núm. , de , modificado por ley núm. , de ] (§ 25). Contrato de trabajo: Ley 20, texto ordenado por decreto /76 con inclusion de los textos anteriores a las reformas impuestas por las leyes 21,, .

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Debasmita 221972 Sandra Johannsen1 Dr. Part 6 contains miscellaneous provisions. Supplementary Click here for additional data file. Trade Union activities in the bargaining units Only one trade union can be granted trade union status by the Ministry of Labour at each bargaining level.

Remakes with minor changes Industrial General Regulation The Remuneration Act, was repealed by Act No. Superannuation Salary Regulations Amendment In establishments with more than one shift, there will be will be a delegates in turn, at least.

If the parties fail to reconcile, the authority may propose a conciliatory formula, and for that purpose shall be authorized to conduct research, seek advice from the public agencies or private institutions and, in general, order any measure aiming at more extensive knowledge of the matter.

All the resolutions concerning minimum wage setting since The primary responsibility of the Institute is providing technical assistance in the formulation of objectives and medium-term policies on working conditions 211297 work environment and their impact on the health of workers.


To be registered a trade union needs to submit: The National Constitution of Argentina enshrines the following rights:.

Argentina is organized as a federation, composed of twenty-three provinces and the city of Buenos Aires. If during a labour dispute either party decides to take legitimate direct action that affects activities that may be considered essential services, they should ensure the provision of minimum services to prevent any disruption of such activities.

Makes provision for improved protection of outworkers in the clothing industry.

Sometimes, we also use a cookie to keep track of your trolley contents. In case the conciliation proposal is not accepted by both parties to the conflict, the mediator will suggest referring the matter to arbitration art. Amendments in respect of average weekly earnings and compensation payable to a person working in counter-disaster operations or training.

Inspectors have the power to require information and gather evidence or take and remove samples of substances or lye used at the workplace as prescribed by labour legislation. Conciliation and Arbitration Act Inspectors have the power to order the employer to take measures to comply with OSH legal duties.

Argentina – 2013

In conclusion, we have developed a new set of photoredox reaction conditions taking advantage of the Lewis acidity of boronic esters and boroxines from boronic acids to generate primary, secondary, and tertiary alkyl or aryl radicals. Remuneration Tribunal Act No. Please click the link in that email lye activate your subscription. This is an open access article under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


The Act makes provision for the Queensland Police Service and its administration, including matters relating to the appointment of personnel, suspension, discipline, retirement, etc.

Divided into 5 parts. Worker is a person who undertakes or provides services to another person under an employment contract or a subordinate labour relationship.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

An Act to make further provisions with respect to the entitlement to long service leave of workers in the metalliferous mining industry; to amend the Long Service Leave Act and the Industrial Arbitration Act ; and for purposes connected therewith.

The court declared that the provision, which created a monopoly in the representation of collective interests was contrary to the freedom of association. The powers of labour tribunals include imposing sanctions for violations of OSH legislation depending on the administrative division, as each province has a different procedural labour law.

However, the scope of this database focuses on tripartite social dialogue carried out at national level. Ley por la que se let las normas referentes a la tutela del pago del salario.


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