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Undead Advantages and Disadvantages. 31 .. Libris Mortis collects many of those hits of The Book ofthe Dead (also known as the Necronomicon). Though. Libris Mortis: The Book of Undead () – Nightmares from beyond the grave: Hushed voices tell spine-chilling tales of encounters with the. Libris Mortis: The Book of the Undead (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying) [Andy Collins, Bruce R. Cordell] on *FREE* shipping .

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Given that both Andy Collins and Bruce R. Cordell have been professional game designers for years, I really would have expected better of them. The seventh and final chapter, “Campaigns”, includes tips on how to use undead in campaigns and adventuresas well as how to control specific undead monsters.

The second chapter, “Character Options”, lists 59 featsdiscusses undead characters in the party, and offers rules for undead monster classes.

To ask other readers questions about Libris Mortisplease sign up.

These maps are places where undead are pretty common. Another benefit is that this is one of the few 3.

Flames Rising Dot Com. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.

In Full Attack, “6 tentacles” should be “6 arms” – there’s a difference between a kraken’s shorter arms and its longer tentacles. Flat-footed AC should be 13, not The art in the book is a nice touch. In terms of domains, we have Deathbound, Hunger, and Undeath, with most of the magic coming in the form of spells. There are new rules, feats, spells, and prestige classes, as well as ready-to-run undead characters for instant play. Feb 04, J Leif rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Views Read Edit View history.

As a result, average hit points should be 51, not Andy Collins Bruce Cordell. A single page intro to the book, including a sidebar explaining the name “Libris Mortis” All About Undead: Flat-footed AC should be 19, not Libris Mortis – The Book of Undead Nightmares from Beyond the Grave Hushed voices tell spine-chilling tales of encounters with the walking dead and other unliving horrors.


Average hit points should be 92, not A good book with plenty of interesting new prestige classes and monsters. I was a bit surprised to see that several other companies had already beaten WotC to some of these template concepts, though: D20 System Reference Document. The Cults of Undeath are useful for those who had no experience with such ideas.

Dragondown Grotto Red Hand of Doom. No other creatures have evoked such fear and fascination as this dreadful menagerie of malevolent spirits and mindless shells. The Book of Undead Review”.

Libris Mortis – The Book of Undead

For example, the Owlbear Skeleton notes that you should see the monster manual while the Ettin Skeleton gives a page number. Flat-footed AC should be 15, not See, the undead grafts allow you to take an undead organ or limb and use it yourself. A type being a wide range of creatures like aberrants, outsiders, giants, humanoids, and dragons, much like the previous book, the Draconomicon. Its Fly speed is listed as both “30 ft.

There’s no Treasure line listed; presumably it’s “None. And that’s my list.

Libris Mortis: The Book of the Undead by Andy Collins

Dragon offers the best chance for prestige and getting noticed, but organs such as Pyramid pay nearly the equivalent for only electronic rights. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Her familiar isn’t specified; from its stats, it looks like a weasel. It also has adventure sites and back-stories for various cults. A read through latter, I see that this book is useful in many manners, but unlike the Draconomicon, which I felt strongly favored the GM, this book favors both players and GMs. New magic items range from armor and weapons, to undead grafts. So, where does that leave Libris Mortis? I was very pleased to see that each of the new monsters got its own illustration this time, although some of them were a bit odd like, how does the deathlock’s cape on page 94 stay up?


Join Date Apr Posts 2, No Level Adjustment is given. Anyway, Overall I really liked the book, apart from the bothersome slight monster errors, which is becoming something of a chronic problem with wizards books. There’s no mention in the creature’s description about the mouths in the middle of the monster’s palms as illustrated – should they be there?

Actually, that’s true of almost every NPC in Libris Mortis that has the ability to summon a familiar, probably to cut down on the word count and make room for more goodies. Useful if you are playing a campaign with lots of undead.

Space should be 5 ft. Inspiration for the book’s content came from numerous sources.

Libris Mortis: The Book of the Undead

There is new information on traditional undead creatures liches, zombies, and so onas well as new monsters and informati. Overall the book is nice if you like undead, and the feats are terrific if you want to play a necromancer of any variety.

These range from Incorporeal Nova, a spell to destroy incorporeal undead, to Spawn screen, where you resist the process of becoming an ,ibris spawn if killed. The reviewer from Pyramid commented:


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