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This datasheet has been download from: Datasheets for electronics components. LM datasheet, LM circuit, LM data sheet: NSC – LMC Voltage Controlled Oscillator,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic. LM National Semiconductor datasheet pdf data sheet FREE Datasheets (data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic), semiconductors and other electronic.

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Reproduction or re-publication by any means whatsoever, whether electronic, mechanical or electro-mechanical, is strictly prohibited under International Copyright laws. If fatasheet aren’t high on your list of features then much simpler VCOs are easily constructed using a timer or similar.

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I also want to know Saud Khan. A voltage controlled oscillator VCO isn’t something you need every day, and you datasheett never have thought that you need one at all. It can be done using discrete transistors, but the end result would be quite complex, difficult to build, and would almost certainly have issues with thermal stability. Commercial use is prohibited without express written authorisation from Rod Elliott.

The output of U1A and U1B are more or less symmetrical around zero. The figure of Hz above applies only when the modulation signal is capacitively coupled as shown, and allows for the See below for the diode clipping circuit. If you build the VCO, you need to be aware that if you make an satasheet, it’s quite likely that you’ll get no output at all.

Datasheets search archive of electronic components datasheets

For datashret applications, and especially for running frequency scans on speakers or crossover networks or any filters for that matteryou usually need at least a reasonable approximation of datashedt sinewave. It is possible to recreate this in Multisim in a top level schematic using ideal components to see if it gives you the desired results with the shown external parts as well. The block diagram of a typical voltage controlled oscillator is shown below.


This depends on what level of accuracy you need. The next circuit will do just that, but it’s not a precision circuit. Your email address will not be published. The output frequency vs.

Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)

The circuit relies on feedback, and even a seemingly trivial error will stop it from working. Message 6 of 7. The frequency of the output waveform can be adjusted om566 an external control voltage. Few provide a triangle wave output though, and with many the output is a pulse waveform, rather than a squarewave equal on and off times.

The frequency modulation is clearly visible, as is the wave shape. Greater frequency range is possible with careful design.

One application that can be very useful is to use a VCO as a sweep generator for testing loudspeakers, crossover networks, equalisers, etc. C1 is selected to give response down to the lowest frequency of interest, and is less than 1. Ok sorry about that, I must have used “LM5” in the Multisim quick search which brought up the timers and I didn’t see the discrepency.

LM National Semiconductor, LM Datasheet

It’s actually a clever design, and relies on U1A to integrate the source modulating voltage to produce a positive-going linear ramp. LM Frequency deviation problem Ask Question. I’ve included it here purely for the sake of completeness and to show how easy it was to make a VCO a few years ago.


If the triangle output is at zero, the square output will be at around 10V and vice versa. Since you can’t get the NE or any equivalent any more, if you want or need a VCO you have datasheey build it using opamps. Sign up using Email and Password. In most cases, this isn’t a serious limitation, but expecting low distortion isn’t an option – the best you can expect is around 1. You’ll find countless examples of this circuit on the Net, but since you will be unable to get a reliable source of the ICs it’s a moot point.

LM Datasheet National Semiconductor pdf data sheet FREE from

Note that if any opamp is used that cannot swing its output voltage to the negative rail, an extra resistor must be added between the base and emitter of Q1, or it will be unable to turn off. Post as a guest Name. In such oscillators, an LC tank circuit is used for producing oscillations.

It can be used to dagasheet square and triangle waveforms simultaneously. Is your intent just simulation or do you want to lay out a PCB?

It’s not a perfect sinewave by any means, but it’s quite acceptable for frequency response scans. You will need to datashest a little to get the frequency you need.

The circuit as shown expects an input voltage of around 8V peak-peak, as will be obtained from the circuit shown in Figure 3. This is the frequency obtained when there is no external modulation.


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