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“Loretta Napoleoni’s devilishly enjoyable journey into the money veins of the new global order—from sex slavery to fad-diet slavery is truly incredibly original. No matter where we live in the world, rogue economics is reshaping our personal Loretta Napoleoni is the author of the bestselling Terror Inc.: Tracing the. What do Eastern Europe’s booming sex trade, America’s subprime mortgage lending scandal, China’s fake goods industry, and celebrity philanthropy.

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Non dobbiamo farci prendere da questa idea sbagliata: Very interesting and well written book about economic and social topics.

Happy New Year!

With bio-pirates trolling the fogue industry and games like World of Warcraft spawning online sweatshops, rogue industries are being allowed to transmute into global empires. Trivia About Rogue Economics: And will the entire system be transformed by the advent of sharia economics? You begin your book with a very provocative idea of democracy and slavery coinciding in many different countries at many different times.

The underground global economy in a peek.

Gharar, or speculation in any form, is condemned. Looking for More Great Reads? She brings a complexity napoleini thought to a variety of issues, and writing in her second language? E’ diventato un frame quasi comune. Edition is missing cover 2 12 Jan 20, Edonomics book is filled with fascinating statistics that will make you wonder I had to return it to the library and so skimmed some sections. E’ come un presagio che aleggia su tutto il libro, ma non viene spiegato.

Her books are translated into 18 languages including Chinese and Arabic. Publishers WeeklyBest Books of Straight.


Cosmetics multinationals have skilfully registered many African enzymes, microorganisms, and fungi as their own new beauty products. The crash of was not really the cause of the Depression. Production of a pound of salmon requires 5 pounds of oily fishes, such as sand eel, sardines, and herring.

Rogue Economics: Capitalism’s New Reality

Her book is a satellite view from space, but not taken by a satellite, rather an unusually skilled photographer. Dec 18, Lucas rated it did not like it.


Napoleoni definitely thinks a lot about the issues she covers, and does a lot of research, but she just doesn’t write in a way that makes me feel like I should care about these issues. In fact, I read it in the newspaper. I have been studying economics for long but this book presents the other side of the moon and that’s devastating! Congress, illegally funded by the Reagan administration via covert operation, for example, the Iran-Contra Affair. She lives in London. Even when they are caught, coast guards have trouble identifying the owners of vessels because they hide behind shell companies and offshore ventures.

The other aspect roggue how many people will use the tax rebate to pay back part of their credit card debt, because, you know, bankruptcy, personal bankruptcy in this country in was — the rate of growth was higher than the rate of growth of the GDP. In Europe, loreta similar legislation was lorrtta introduced.

Napoleoni believes that nations need to work together to instate policy because when they fail to do so, the unintended result is rogue economics. With biopirates trolling the blood industry, fish-farming bandits ravaging the high seas, pornography developing virtually in Second Life, and games like World of Warcraft spawning online sweatshops, how What do Eastern Europe’s booming sex trade, America’s subprime mortgage lending scandal, China’s fake goods industry, and celebrity philanthropy in Africa have in common?


Only the ownership changes while the gold in the treasury grade vault stays put. The negociants bring the gold to Ituri, a major gold market controlled by Congolese war lords.

Sep 01, Pages. With the precision of an economist and the narrative deftness of a storyteller, syndicated journalist Loretta Napoleoni examines how the world is being reshaped by dark economic forces, creating victims out of poretta of ordinary people whose lives have become trapped inside a fantasy world of consumerism.

Rogue Economics by Loretta Napoleoni | : Books

And the first example is the most shocking example, I would say, is the rise in sex slaves and also prostitution in Western Europe. Please try again later. Gangs of Russian Mafiosi supply half the cod purchased as lawful in traditional British fish markets, such as Hull and Grimsby.

Please do your part. But the great change came, of course, with globalization and deregulation.

In fact, I think many people thought that I was a bit crazy. Aug 07, Me Too rated it it was amazing. Mar 18, Pages. This position afforded her a unique insight into the Soviet economy. Online casinos use But there is a section of the Patriot Act which refers specifically to finance.

Dialogue Tips on technique 5: Aug 31, Michael rated it liked it.


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