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Cobian Backup uses a simplified approach to backing up and restoring your . Manually, This will allow you to type out the path to the files or. Cobian Backup is an excellant free backup software for Windows. Read this review and tutorial to learn how to use Cobian Backup. This is a step-by-step guide on how to install the Cobian Backup software. Cobian is a simple file replication software that allows users to restore lost/ damaged.

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Cobian – Backup theory

Unless you have one task per hard drive, you win nothing with simultanious executions. This copy could be used to restore the original data when the original information is lost or damaged. To create a new backup task, please click on the icon that appears on the main ribbon bar of the program.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Russian language for Cobian Backup 6. Simple and easy ways to keep your computer safe and secure on the Internet Let’s face it, the Internet is not a very safe place. How do I do? To make sure that a computer can easily be restored to a previous point, software developers created what is called backup software or imaging software.

The Full option will make Cobian backup every single file you specified even if it has not changed since the last backup. This will open the main screen for Cobian Backup as shown below.

Please, read also the document Backup theory to learn about backups, backuup, etc. In this version, only lists that have been created by versions 6,7 and 8 can be imported.


Cobian Backup – An Excellent Free Backup Software for Windows

As a service, just remove the “Cobian Backup Interface 7” value from the registry key:. Cobian Backup is Unicode and it will copy any file, but only if you don’t use compression. Please do NOT contact me every timme the server is down. Understanding and Using Firewalls The Internet is a scary place.

It could be possible that your firewall is blocking the connection. Being an Administrator means that you can cbian access any file but if some user or the system eliminates the Administrator as a member of the list of allowed users, guess what… the backup program will not have access either to those files.

This can happen if the password of the account that is running the service has changed.

Read more about this utility in the Help file under “Menu-Tools”. Anyway, if you want to torture your system, you can download version 3 or 4 from my site. If you wish to use this option, please select AES under the Encryption method drop down menu and then enter your decryption password. The program uses the archive bit of the file’s attribute to decide if the file has been changed and there is a need to backup the file.

The program compresses and encrypts twice. Task 2 will have source c: You will now be back at the main screen for the Cobian Backup program and your new task will be listed in the All Tasks section.

Though this will increase the amount of time that a backup takes to finish, it will also save you baxkup great deal of hard drive space. Some errors are non critical.


If your sources contain a huge number of file or it is a network source, this can be time consuming. This is by design because the program cannot be sure that other tasks ara not using the manal destination. For example, Proftpd can be configured to send hidden files in a listing: This means that if backup logs are lost or the program is no longer installed you have no way of restoring your data from the backups.

On backul versions, if you are auto-starting the program, you need to edit the registry. Click to leave some money with PayPal! No matter how many processors, memory, broadband, bbackup you have. I get a message that says that the engine is not found Q: That depends on your data. Compression is often a slow process, much slower than a plain copy. Some extensions have been added to handle Unicode file names, large mannual zip 64etc. It checks if the source has changed from the last backup and only will backup those files that are new or have changed since the last backup.

If your service is running under an account different from LocalService, then if you change the password of the account, the service will fail to logon, because it tries to logon using the old password.


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